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Iris Z. Fitzgerald

Tax Professional, MBA, Owner

Iris Fitzgerald, THE OWNER,  has been working in the tax industry since 1976.  Iris's first job out of college was with the Internal Revenue Service.  A lot has changed since then.  However, the system does not change.   Iris worked in the audit department of the IRS.  Her position at that time was just a front desk clerk.  One of  Iris's responsibilities was to mail out audit letters.  Most of the work was completed by hand, but today, everything is completed by computers.  Iris's career advanced to a Revenue Officer in the collection division.  It was her responsible for collecting tax returns and taxes.  Delinquent accounts continually hit her desk over and over again.  ‚ÄčFAST FORWARD TO TODAY   Our mission is to keep you current so you can take care of your PROFITS.  We specialize in serving the Small Business Owner with Bookkeeping for Sales, Inventory Management, Payroll Taxes, and Withholding.  There is no need to leave the comfort of your home or rearrange your work schedule.  We will provide the most reliable services for your documents.

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